Bernard Charoy

was born on May 26th in Nant le Grand, a village in the french province of Lorraine. He was brought up in an old family of artisans, stonecutters, sculptors and cabinetmakers.
- During four years, he studied painting, drawing and lithography with painters, illustrators and poster designers in the Atelier Montmartre, Paris
 1958 To 1976 :  
- First drawings and illustrations executed for Dargaud editions and publications, Paris.
- Beginning of his contribution to the Figaro and Ici Paris newspapers.
- Works for Albin Michel Editions and Presse de la Cité, with the publishers Edi Monde
 During the 60’s, as many painters whose main subject was the woman, Bernard Charoy drew a lot of « Pin Up ».
These works were executed either in gouache on paper or in acrylic on canvas.
These creations meant for the press magazines, were ordered specially to Bernard Charoy to be distributed by different news and magazine agencies

976 to 1977
- International exhibition at the Art Fair Basel, Switzerland.
- Contract with Leon Amiel, publisher in New York, USA (1978)
- Exhibition at the Art Expo Show, Coliseum, New York, USA
- Contract with Vision Nouvelle (1981)
- Germany exhibition, Bernardi Gallery, Aachen and Osper Gallery in Cologne.
1982 to 1994 
- Contract with the Tamenaga Gallery, Tokyo (1982).
- Exhibitions at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Gallery, Tokyo (1982, 1988, 1991, 1993)
- In Germany, in 1982 he signs a contract with the Schumacher Gallery in Düsseldorf and collaborates with the Artes Gallery in Rheda Wiedenbrück.
- 1994, he collaborates with Ghislaine Noël as his representative.
- In the USA, on the East coast, he is one of the permanent artist of the CVM Art Company in New York, shows his works at Gallery 47 (NY) and attends several times, the annual Art Expo show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center of New York.
- On the West coast, he exhibits at the Gallery Moliere in San Francisco (1988), at the Esquire Gallery in Los Angeles (1990). 
1995 to 2013 
- Exhibitions at the Art Expo in New York.
- Japanese Exhibitions at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Gallery.
- Exhibits at the Carlton Hotel Gallery in Cannes, France
- With the Brücke Gallery in Tokyo, exhibits in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Saporo, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and the Suiya Gallery in Tokyo.
- Registered in the Benezit New Edition, 1999.
- In the United Stated, exhibitions at the Opera Gallery in New York (2000) and at the Opera Gallery in Miami (2005).
- Exhibitions at the Opera Gallery in Singapore.
- Large exhibition at the Gallery Elegance in Tapeï (Taïwan).
- In Europe, he shows his works permanently at the Martinez Hotel Fine Art Gallery in Cannes (France).
- In Germany, exhibits at the Petrov Gallery in Frankfurt and at the Van Dyck Art Gallery in Antwerp,Belgium.
- Special exhibition « Art Fever » at the Bunkamura Museum of Tokyo, Japan.
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